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The unicorn bed

Wolf: You just want to keep the bed to yourself! *cries* you don’t want me anymore. xxx

Me: Baby, the bed just meets other needs, needs which it would be unfair to ask of you. Please don’t be hurt, I love you both, but in different ways. Xxx

Wolf: Yes but you are kicking me out in favour of the bed. :( We could share the bed, I love the bed too. But you want the bed all to yourself. Xxx

Me: I don’t want the bed all to myself, just a bit more time with me and the bed. There are plenty of opportunities for us to share the bed, but you have other beds you can stay in, I only have this bed, so I would like more quality time with it. Xxx

Wolf: We can’t share the bed if you are kicking me out permanently to become a resident in D3’s bed. I would miss our bed, it has that special hole just for my hip. Xxx

Me: Why can’t you be happy that I want to strengthen my relationship with the bed? Your attitude comes across to me as wanting to be involved in everything that the bed and I do and I would like more autonomy. Xxx

Wolf: I am not saying I want to be involved in everything, I am saying your attitude comes across as never wanting me involved with you and the bed ever again! It hurts me, you are devaluing me over the bed, forcing me away to another bed. xxx

Me: I do not mean to make you feel that way and do not mean to display that attitude.

Tell you what, why don’t the three of us get together and discuss the situation? This is all well and good, but we need to discuss the bed’s needs and wants too. Xxx

Wolf: Ok I feel this is a good compromise. We shall discuss this with the bed tonight, and maybe share some special sexy fun times to move us past this blip in our relationships. xxx

Me: Love you, slave. Xxx

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